"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter their life by altering their attitudes."

William James

There are those lucky people who seemingly float through life on a cloud of star shine and fairy dust.  You know the ones.  They are always in the right place at the right time to pick up yet another great deal.  Never seem to suffer from the issues of poor confidence and self-esteem that can get to the vast majority of us at times.  That always make THAT deal, drive THAT car, earn THAT much money.  They get the girl or boy of their dreams, and generally live a life many of us would be envious of.  Certainly most of us would envy the seeming ease with which they live in their own skin and the smoothness of their life’s journey – even though we may not all want the actual life they live.

Then I wondered into a Bar one day; I saw a sign above the pool table, it said:  ‘I am so lucky at this game of pool.  And you know, the more I practice, why the luckier I get’.

And I got it.  A wry smile at the sign, but I got it. We live our lives on the basis of the effort we put into them; if we are willing to invest in ourselves, and to do some hard yards in terms of giving ourselves the best possible chance, then we can set ourselves up to achieve anything we want.  And you know what?  When we walk into that arena, we look casual and composed, and we are just so lucky at whatever we do.

Behind every good pool player is someone who has trained and practiced to be that good, that lucky.  And so behind every successful business person; behind everyone who seems to have made good in life in whatever way or fashion, lies someone who has invested in themselves at some stage.

It is easy to go through life and not make much of a mark.  To be adequate. To just get by.  To do enough to survive.  To never make any great effort to achieve something of note, something we have always wanted.  To settle for the mundane.  It is easy to think that "this is it, I have made my bed and I need to lie on it". 

Well, that’s OK, just don’t go playing Pool.

Whereas here at Be Awesome, we believe that everyone has both the capacity and capability to be… well… awesome!! To take hold of their life and to make it shine, to achieve everything they want from that life and then some more.  To be Lucky.

We run a series of self-development classes and courses.  From short two to three hour sessions on specific personal development issues to our masterclass in being Awesome (actually it is eight days, but you’ve got to put it in to get it out Right?).

We run open courses and we are also willing to put together specific programmes for teams and groups.

Our Personal Development Programmes are designed to:

  • Make you understand yourself better.  It is amazing how little we really understand ourselves and why we react to the world about us in the way that we do.  We get by instead of really understanding our own strengths and also those areas where we need to put in a bit more practice.  We show you how to better understand yourself and in so doing, learn to respond to the world rather than to react. 

  • Help you to determine your purpose and achieve it.  Often I sit and listen to people who talk to me about living an unfulfilling life; a life that just doesn’t do it for them.  I often ask, what have you done about it?  Only to find that they don’t know how to make the changes that are necessary in their lives.  We help you to define your vision and how you intend to achieve it.  To create objectives and goals that are substantial and achievable rather than mere pipe dreams.

  • Show you how to manage your most valuable resource.  Time!  We show you how to invest time wisely, how to make the most of it and how not to let it slip through your fingers whilst you are busy doing other stuff.  We show you how to concentrate your effort and avoid the procrastination that kills so many visions and dreams.  Becoming more productive and fulfilled, you will learn the value of planning and preparation before action.  We show how to reshape your personal environment to get the most out of it, and how to place your priorities ahead of the expectations of others.

  • Get you to build better relationships.  We show you how to listen, really listen as the basis for better understanding.  Whether it is at the negotiating table at work, or on the settee in the evening.  We give you the tools to develop your kep life partnerships.  With your partner, wife, husband, family, boss, co-workers, etc.  We show you how to use advanced communications to build great relatonships quickly, and yet make them endure and generate real value for all involved in them.  We give you skills to really understand other people, and to negotiate with them when necessary.

  • Enable you to leverage your strengths and to be aware of your limitations and how to overcome them. We show how effective communication and self-knowledge can help you overcome all but the most difficult hurdles you may come across in life.  From laying the foundations of a balanced lifestyle, to ensuring that you understand how to value and maintain yourself in the face of difficulties and obstructions, we give you the tools, techniques, skills and most of all, the attitude, to go out there and be the luckiest person in the poolroom.

If you want to get hold of some of that ‘Lucky’ that’s going around, why not drop us a line and ask about our self-development programmes.



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