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What exactly does a Life Coach Do?

I know the term “life coaching” can seem unclear and I also recognise that it can sound vaguely ‘trendy and fashionable’ – both labels designed to turn off lots of people for whom a life coach might be of use. There are however specific things a life coach can offer to their clients.

It's possible that hiring a life coach would be of real value because they truly can help a person succeed in life. But in order to understand if you're at a point in your life to fully appreciate those services a coach brings, you should make sure you understand what they do. It can be a bit confusing because life coaching sounds very much like a lot of other services that are offered these days. 

First of all, it’s critical to understand that a life coach is NOT the same as a therapist or counsellor.  Although trained as a counsellor, I use different skills, models, and tools, when life coaching somebody as opposed to working with them as a counsellor.  Counselling and therapy tend to deal with a person's past and how they got to the point where they presently are. The hope is that, by understanding what motivates them, they can fix what may be holding them back, and move on. 

A professional life coach, on the other hand, focuses on where a person is. The life coach doesn't try to figure out exactly what ‘past’ has brought a client to their current position, rather they try to help a person figure out how to get away from what they're currently doing and towards what they want to do. A life coach will be much more useful in getting to the point where you can move on in life, and be done with your current situation. That’s not to say a life-coach will not work with you to understand your past, but always as a means of putting that situation behind you and finding a means and a way of moving beyond that.

In a nutshell, life coaches work to take an active and hands-on approach to working with individuals in key areas of life like relationships, careers, families or even finances. This might be accomplished through regular meetings, “homework” assignments, goal-setting and frequent monitoring of the progress that has or hasn’t been made. 

A life coach motivates and inspires people to be the best they can be – to Be Awesome as we say. Think of any one of your favourite sports stars... they are good at what they do, however the coach helps them focus in on their skills and achieve great results. The same is true for a life coach, except they coach your life rather than just one sport, etc. 

One of the major benefits of a life coach is that they are able to offer a route to emotional fitness to people who might normally shy away from therapists or counsellors. There are a host of different benefits you can take advantage of, including: smooth transitions through bumpy stages in life, the ability to re-evaluate your life and your goals and to plan things out accordingly, achieving a sense of balance that has been missing, guidance in making difficult decisions, pointers on prioritising, improving relationships, recognising and optimising your core strengths as an individual, simplifying your life for greater enjoyment and less stress, an increased sense of control and a better aptitude for time management.

Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons that life coaching works is that a life coach brings in a fresh perspective, a great deal of professional experience, and a dedication to helping you to achieve your dreams and abandon detrimental habits and practices. Once you know why you want a life coach and what you expect of them, the rest is as easy as picking up the phone and giving me a call.



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