Be Awesome has its roots in an Organisational Wellbeing model which was first designed by a UK based company called SOLVI.  This wellbeing model is reflected in the need to address both physical and emotional wellbeing if a person is to truly embrace the world about them and live that Awesome life.

SOLVI also offers a range of traditional Organisational Design and Development products as well as a professional training design and delivery service.  We at BE AWESOME offer these products and services, redesigned to suit small to medium sized, expatriate owned or predominantly English-speaking businesses and organisations, in France.
Our product portfolio is outlined below:
Strategic planning and execution - including the use of balanced scorecard
This is helping small businesses to focus their efforts at every level to achieve what the business owner intends and needs.  It helps employees to manage their time and ensure they do the right thing at the right time.  It helps the management team focus on operational outcomes and outputs that really matter to the business.  It is about ensuring that employees at all levels understand how to make a valued contribution to the overall goals and objectives of the business.
Leadership and top-team development
What it says on the can really.  Helping management at all levels to develop leadership skills and capabilities in order to get more from the business, its employees, and other stakeholders to the business.
Delivering effective organisational change
One of the hardest things for any business to get right.  Yet it is the one thing that most businesses spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to do correctly.  We show how to make change work and stick!
Project management
Any business looking to make changes – to expand, change markets, introduce new products, etc., needs to be able to project manage those changes.  Not a skill set that too many small entrepreneurs will have naturally, so having external expertise driving one-off change projects is a huge benefit to SMEs.  We can provide an experienced Project Manager to work for you on an interim basis, to deliver major change projects in the most efficient, effective, and economic way possible.  We can also train your own project managers and project officers to manage and deliver their own projects in the same way.
Partnering and relationship management
This helps management teams to look beyond the business and recognise the value in managing into and across the supply base and also into the customer / client domain.  We also show them how to examine and manage its stakeholder community to better effect. We show businesses how to become customer-centric & customer-focused in the way they do things.
Delivering performance improvement & capability development
Drawn primarily from LEAN and other TQM and quality-driven methods, it is all about showing the business how to be more efficient, effective, and economic, in the use of available resources to achieve key outputs.
Making business communications work
Everything from making personal communications better across the business, to the installation of key communications systems within the business to make communication a key element of strategic improvement.
Performance coaching & expert facilitation
Working with individual managers and key members of staff, through to large groups (business-wide if necessary) to give them the opportunity to determine themselves how to improve individual, team, and group strengths (and mitigate weaknesses amongst the same) to help drive business performance at all levels.
Team-building and team-working skills
An extension of above really.  Specific actions, sessions, and coursers to improve the way people relate in teams and to help drive team –based performance.
Training Design and Delivery
We collaborate with the client to define an organisational issue in terms of being able to design a learning and development intervention that will help the client to address that issue themselves.
We ensure our response is proportional to the criticality of that need and that our response is delivered in an efficient, effective manner, making the most economical use of resources to achieve the objective.
We will also conduct assessment activity as agreed with the client, to determine how effective the intervention was in meeting organisational goals.  
Another area in which we will work is in Organisational Wellbeing, and we intend to focus our knowledge and experience of organisational design, development, and change, on helping busibesses to become wellbeing-focused and to integrate wellbeing and mindfulness as an essential part of their operations and overall performance management.  We offer a wide range of support services within this arena, including:
The personal management of long-term sickness and absenteeism (LTS/A) of staff (through the planned intervention of qualified mental health professionals).
The acceleration of RTW for critical members of staff who may be on LTS/A
Support for staff who may be suffering from Stress and Anxiety but who remain in work.
Management of effective and efficient Return to Work mechanisms.
Assisting the organisation in ‘wellbeing’ testing of its current processes and procedures.
Improving your recruitment and retention of staff though wellbeing practices.
Training the workforce in wellbeing and mindfulness awareness.
Support in managing stress, anxiety, and mental health issues amongst the workforce.
Showing the organisation how to address wellbeing as a strategic issue.
Embedding wellbeing practices (physical and emotional wellbeing) by changing the way the business values staff.
Showing you how to become that ‘great’ place where people want to work.
If you are interested in knowing more about our Business to Business products and services, please do give Shaun a call or drop him an e-mail outlining your needs.  His contact details are on our Contact Us page.

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